In today’s world, the most sought after thing is an ‘escape’, a way to lose yourself to something and leave all your daily worries behind. Distractions are plenty but when it comes to things that fully transport you to a completely new universe, there is only a handful. Here are 14 things that will make you forget the world around you:

1. Lying back on your couch, plugging in your earphones and listening to your favourite music.

2. Binge watching a TV series for hours and hours. You feel like you’re part of that world, transported to their universe!

3. Talking to that special someone over the phone when you literally talk from dawn to dusk and it still feels like it’s not enough!

4. Watching an edge-of-the-seat nail-biting action thriller that makes you forget every single thing that’s happening around you!

5. Rummaging through photographs and greeting cards from your childhood. Not only will you lose yourself in the past but you’ll wish you could turn back time!

6. Very few activities can take you to completely new worlds and keep you there like curling up with a great book and caring for those characters!

7. Staring at the ocean might seem too simple a thing but try it and you’ll know it’s possibly the most relaxing, meditative experience you’ll go through!

8. Lose yourself to dance! Whether you’re good at it or not, putting on a kickass song and dancing your butt off lets you forget anything and everything!

9. Playing with your sweet cuddly pet dog or cat. Their innocent unbridled joy will keep you so busy for hours you won’t know how how time flew by!

10. Prepare a nice warm aromatic bath and just settle into it comfortably. You’ll notice your day’s troubles and woes rushing past you!

11. Going for a long relaxing car drive where you feel like you’re literally driving away to a whole new world!

12. Do something creative. Write, paint, sing. You’ll see that when you immerse yourself in a creative act you don’t bother yourself with anything around you!

13. Staring out through the window in your room when there’s a heavy rain. There’s something about rain that makes everything beautiful and takes you to a whole new place!

14. Sipping down a cold refreshing bottle of your favourite drink on a hot summer day and losing yourself to that wonderful & refreshing taste!

If you want to lose yourself in a magical, immersive experience, look no further…

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