They say gyaan baatne se badhta hai! But some people take this way too seriously. If your friend is one of them, you know it’s impossible to avoid their lectures. They never get tired of giving you gyaan, whether it’s useful or useless. And you literally run out of ways to avoid this !

Here are 11 things only someone with a friend who gives too much gyaan can relate to.

1. You’re amazed how they never get tired of counselling people as long as they get to counsel.

And it’s regardless of the place, time, situation or person they’re giving it to!

2. You fear asking them anything because a landslide of information follows that even Godzilla can’t take!

It’s like you only wanted to download The Dark Knight but you got Humshakkal, Happy New Year and Dhoom 3 in addition!

3. But they’re available with a 24×7 gyaan service that often helps you get through a 3 AM breakdown!

Even if you chose not to take their advice, you end up feeling good and relieved.

4. Sometimes you completely lose track of what they’re saying. And when they find out, all hell breaks lose!

They tend to go overboard with their gyaan at times and in your defense, you find yourself zoning out of the conversation!

5. Some of their fundas are more complicated than a Christopher Nolan movie!

Some of their fundas are extremely eccentric and new to you . Those are the days your comprehension skills fail you and you wonder why they cannot give you normal advice?

6. When they’re drunk, their pearls of wisdom multiply manifold!

“Bhai, mai tujhe sahi baat bata raha hu, maan le. Don’t think I’m drunk!”

7. You feel you’re stuck in a never-ending maze when you have to listen to them.

It’s easier to get out of a sticky spider-web than a conversation with your friend!

8. But on the bright side, they’ve helped you improve your tolerance skills!

This is how you learnt “Patience is virtue.” How else can anyone put up with so much unnecessary gyaan ?

9. Their never-ending advice is like your special lullaby. Especially on days you can’t sleep!

Sometimes you call them just to put yourself to sleep because their unnecessary gyaan does the work extremely well!

10. Thanks to the endless advice you’ve got from them, you can now proudly advise others!

Introducing passive advising! Kills your listeners.

11. Nonetheless, you’re glad you know them because some of that gyaan has helped you during really difficult times!