Friends. They’re the ones we grow up with. The ones who know us better than we know ourselves. The ones who are a constant reminder of some of the best memories we’ve made in life. The ones who shape us into awesome people. They’ve seen us at our worst and have known us at our best. We learn way more than we can imagine from them. And this learning only helps us become better individuals.

It’s safe to say that without them our lives wouldn’t be the same. In fact, we wouldn’t be the same. Here are 22 ways in which our friends effortlessly make us better people:

1. We learn to accept people for who they are and not excessively judge everyone.

Or make a fuss about those that we don’t gel well with, like their silly partners!

2. We learn to forgive and forget innocent mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. If we didn’t forgive our friends then we probably wouldn’t have any left!

3. And let go of people who don’t deserve you.

We might have had some great times with some people but you soon realize that their presence is just not good for you. You learn to free yourself.

4. We start to see the best in people, even when we don’t want to.

Yes, your friend might be a crazy person who can annoy the crap out of you, but you still find reasons to love him/her.

5. We adapt to honesty and upfront ways of communication.

We might have lied to our friends a million times in the past but we eventually realize the importance of truth and honesty.

6. And simultaneously grow into trustworthy people.

By living up to our friends’ trust.

7. We learn to count on and confide in people for certain, necessary things in life.

8. We learn to stand up for people who matter to us.

9. We learn to celebrate with people during their moments of joy and success.

It takes courage to be happy for someone else and take part in their reasons for celebration. Thanks to our friends, it’s easier done than said!

10. We learn to be our real, goofy selves despite our innate flaws and inhibitions.

11. We also learn to differentiate between the things we must hold on to and the ones we must let go of.

Being with them, we realize when to relax and not blow things out of proportion and when to actually take things seriously!

12. We stop taking haters and enemies personally. In fact, we start to enjoy their presence.

We stop overacting to haters. After all, why should we? Our friends are always by our side and will take a bullet for us if need be. And of course, make fun of those who cross us.

13. We learn to laugh at embarrassing situations or when unexpected shit happens!

This is something we do after every semester result. With our friends around, we learn two things for sure: that there is always a funny side to every situation and that we will get past anything, no matter the circumstance!

14. And we tend to find kickass ways of lifting our spirits on a low day.

Like pour our hearts out in tears or open a bottle of rum!

15. We learn to let go of our egos and apologize when necessary.

16. We learn the art of sharing, and sharing EVERYTHING.

After all, jo tera hai woh mera hai! From our clothes to our darkest secrets to all the unnecessary gossip, we share pretty much everything and feel good about the same.

17. We learn to find joy in little things in life.

Like taking a stroll around the block or going on a shopping spree or simply chilling at the adda all evening !

18. We learn to choose the types of people we really want to be around.

Instead of struggling alone or taking shit from people we don’t need. Our friends are like an extended family that make our journey all the more worthwhile.

19. And at the same time, they help us introspect.

They’re a mirror, a timeline and a guide to all the things we’ve been through and are going through. They advice us, warn us and keep us from falling.

20. Thanks to their endless, quirky ways of helping us feel better, we come out more confident than ever.

Because apna bhai best hai!

Source: theatremarketinginsights

21. We also learn to constantly raise the bar for ourselves and become better individuals.

Because they see us for who we truly are even when we can’t, and so, we learn to turn into the better version of ourselves.

22. Most importantly, we learn to value people and believe in bonds of friendship and love that most often remain forever.

We find our partners in crime, our shoulders to cry on, our buddies to simply laugh around with. They make us hopeful, optimistic and proud of the life we are leading.

Imagine where we’d be in life without our super-awesome friends. They’re the support system we simply cannot survive without!