All of us have many friends. Some we’re very close to, others not so much. But there is that one friend we all have whom we seem to have known forever. It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve actually known him/her because you guys are so close that you feel you literally grew up together.

Friends are forever. But how long is forever? Here are 25 signs that you’ve been friends with someone for way too long:

1. Your friend knows way too much about your past.

Things that can get you dumped, sacked, detained or even jailed.

2. Your friend knows all the weird nicknames you’ve had along the years.

He/she is the one who gave you some of those names!

3. Every new hairstyle or change in dressing style has and will be ridiculed.

4. You share the same jokes. Over and over again.

Those old jokes are still just as funny and crack you guys up every time.

5. In fact, you don’t need to get to the punchline any more. Your friend is already laughing.

6. You know your friend’s parents way too well for his/her comfort.

It’s almost like they’ve adopted you.

7. You cannot leave your friend alone with your partner for too long.

Not because they’ll cheat on you. Because they’ll share embarrassing stories about you!

8. Your friend knows all the people you know, from all your room-mates to all your partners.

In fact, he/she has Facebook friended all your people.

9. Personal space? What personal space?

10. You guys know an alarming number of ways to irritate each other.

11. You always have something to talk about.

12. It’s perfectly fine to call your friend up at any time of the day or night.

13. You don’t need to ask before going over to your friend’s place.

14. Silences are never awkward.

15. Even if you’ve been apart for ages, reunions are never weird.

16. You stop keeping tabs about who owes each other what.

17. You don’t feel the need to wear pants around each other anymore.

18. You hate the same people.

19. When it comes to food, anything in the house is on the house.

I don’t know what it is and where you’ve hidden it, but I will find it and I will eat it.

20. You worry about what your friend thinks of your partner.

21. You can go on a trip without ending up wanting to kill each other.

22. The amount your friend knows about you can give your partner an inferiority complex.

23. You already know how your friend is going to react to various situations.

24. People seriously wonder if you’re gay.

25. You both act like an old, married couple.

You bicker and fight quite a lot, but are too close to stay annoyed for too long.