They say “action speaks louder than words.” But with your friend, it’s just the opposite. They’re so loud that at times you feel loud is an understatement. You have tried a million times to teach them the art of speaking softly but in vain. And now that this “deafening” reality has consumed you, you’ve started noticing the perks of having them around!

Here are 20 things you’ll relate to if you’re friends with a loud person.

1. You feel your friend doesn’t talk to you but yells at you.

Sometimes you wonder how you’ve managed to not go deaf!

2. Your friend is like a loud alarm clock that sets off untimely anywhere and often leaves you embarrassed in public.

3. Your friend is of great help when you need to call an autowala or a order food at a restaurant!

Their voice really gets you to places!

4. You never have to ask them to repeat themselves because once is loud enough!

5. It’s difficult for you to understand when they’re excited and when they’re just being themselves!

6. You cannot tell them a secret when people are around because everyone will know just by their loud reaction!

7. You cannot gossip either, unless the two of you are absolutely alone!

8. There are times when your private conversations become group conversations!

People love eavesdropping and your friend makes it easier for them. They join in even when you don’t want them to.

9. You can never share an inside joke with them because they end up becoming ‘outside’ jokes.

10. Their giggles defy the whole concept of giggling.

They always ‘laugh out loud’. Literally!

11. Your professor gets a hint that the two of you are talking at the back because your friend just can’t keep it low.

You can only hope for your friend to understand what ‘whispering’ means.

12. But it’s extremely easy for you to find them in a crowded place.

Their voice is their identity.

13. In fact, they’re of great help when you have to buy quick a snack/dinner from a crowded dhaba /street stall.

14. But you just can’t sleep when they’re around chattering away to glory!

15. You have to constantly remind them to be quiet, especially when necessary.

They can’t keep it low in the movie theatre, let alone at someone’s funeral!

16. The only way for you to save yourself from their shrill voice is by using ear plugs or pretending they don’t exist.

They make it extremely hard for you to pretend and ignore but you still try your best.

17. Their ‘distinct’ voice helps you on days you’re sick when all your efforts to talk slobber down the drain!

18. You love it when their loud mouth gets them into trouble.

19. But most often, they manage to take you down with them!

20. When there is a crisis situation in your group and everyone is yelling, their ultimate yell really helps calm the situation.

Despite the drawbacks of their innate ‘loud mouth’ quality, they’ve come to your rescue when you needed a loud friend and so, you’re glad you have them in your life!