They say nobody is perfect and you believe it. Then you come across the perfectionists! There is only one way of dealing them – do as they say. Anything else would only mean inviting trouble. In fact, they are like super-humans who only want to defy all rules of imperfection. In other words, stay perfect all the time! Who does that?

As their friend, you feel helpless and annoyed, and hope that someday they’ll learn to take it easy. Here are 15 struggles of being friends with a perfectionist:

1. You are sick of your friend trying to perfect anything and everything!

2. It’s impossible for you to make impromptu plans with your friend.

They are addicted to their Filofax and Calender. You change any plan, they declare war!

3. You skip deadlines while your friend always sticks to them.

Remember the time your homework was incomplete and you requested your friend to not submit his/her work? They didn’t listen and you got screwed.

4. And the only reason your friend would ever miss a deadline is because the work is not perfect enough.

5. You are sick of your friend complaining about re-doing things in a better way.

6. For them, there is no such thing as almost perfect. It’s either perfect or not.

For your friend, parallel parking and almost parallel are as distinct as apples and grapes.

7. You cannot work with them in groups because their perfectionist instincts drive you and everyone else in the group crazy.

They’ll have their opinion about everything and will keep telling you how to improve things, all the time!

8. Your friend follows a “no mistake” policy, and it’s very hard for you to keep up.

He/she expects you to be as spotless as they’re and you’re like…

9. U cnt write lyk dis when it comes to texting your friend.

Because it’s not perfect English and anything imperfect is just unacceptable to them.

10. Your friend would judge you for every action you undertake. Critically!

They don’t have to say anything. The way they look at you is enough.

11. And so it is very difficult for you to please your friend.

Whether it is about buying gifts for him/her or any minor achievement you might be proud of, they will always find some flaw or the other.

12. You can never be ‘fashionably late’ to parties with your friend because they believe in being punctual all the time!

“5 minutes late! Can you ever do anything on time?” Sounds familiar?

13. You feel your friend needs therapy for worrying about perfecting everything.

It’s humanly impossible to always be impeccable and flawless. But your friend just cannot take it easy.

14. Your friend’s quest for perfection has often led to fights between the two of you.

15. And so you really want your friend to know that it’s okay to make mistakes!

But you’ve got to admit that despite all the struggles, you’re grateful to have a friend like that who pushes so hard to get better at everything.