All of us have professional lives and personal lives, but some people just don’t understand the meaning of work-life balance. As much as we love them for who they are, it’s a gigantic pain in the ass to be friends with such people. We understand, we care, we support and hence we try to help them as much as possible but seriously, we deserve a medal for putting up with them. Here are 24 things you go through if you’re friends with a workaholic:

1. You wonder how you’re still friends because they’re ALWAYS working.

How did they find the time to make friends with you on the first place?

2. You get tired of watching them work 24*7.

But they never seem to get tired of working!

3. You don’t understand how they’re late for everything else but work.

4. You never get to spend lunch hours with them because they’re working even then.

How’s that even possible? How can someone work over food?

5. For you, a break is fun time. For them, a break is…. what break?

6. All the road-trips you’ve ever had with them were to their workplaces.

And they were probably on the phone even then!

7. They think about work even when they’re not working. And you wonder why?

8. You don’t expect them to attend your awesome parties because, well, they’ve got work.

9. In fact, you don’t remember the last time you guys had a good time.

10. You don’t expect them on vacations or weekends.

What’s the point? Even if they agree to your plans, they’re going to cancel last minute anyway!

11. You worry they might die working someday because they never take sick leaves.

12. When you call and they don’t answer, you know why!

What else? They’re busy working. As usual!

13. You are sick of all the excuses they make to stay in office for as long as possible.

14. You know there’s no point in expecting them to talk about anything but work.

15. Even in parties, you see them taking work calls.

16. You can never make an impromptu plan with them because they’ve got so much work to finish.

It’s not like things would’ve been any different if you’d planned early!

17. But you know they’d never say no to work.

18. You have never seen them in anything but formals.

19. You can never use their laptop or phone.

First of all, they’ll be using them. And second, it is office property

20. The amount they seem to work gives you a complex!

Looking at them, you feel like you don’t work at all.

21. You always get free career advice from them!

And you’re like…

22. You always have to update them on the group gossip because they’re clueless otherwise.

23. You eventually stop asking them “What’s up” because you know their answer.

“What’s up man?” “Nothing man, got some work.”

24. And the saddest part is that they get annoyed when you call them a workaholic.

Seriously, it’s time they visit a rehab. Send this to that friend of yours who’s so busy working that he won’t have seen this article!