Ever wondered how you and your friend have managed to stick together for all these years? From tripping over Yo Yo Honey Singh songs and daaru to crying on each other’s shoulders and playing the silliest of pranks, you have probably done it all with your friend. The result? You and your friend now share an unbreakable bond!

Here are 18 things that make your friendship thrive against all odds!

1. Similar interests.

“Love football?” – Yes “Love rock music?” – Yes “Daydream while taking a dump?” – Yes


2. Bailing each other out of trouble.

Remember the time when your friend took the fall for you instead of ratting you out in front of the professor?


3. Making ordinary moments, extraordinary.

Even if you guys are just goofing around, you probably remember every single detail because of your friend.

4. Spending time together even on busy days.

Those countless hours of chilling with your gang at your adda de spite stacks of work waiting back home should account for something!

5. Talking about anything and everything at any hour!

Whether it’s talking about a cat doing back flips or your boyfriend/girlfriend being a pain in the ass, you share everything with your friend without thinking. Even at 3 am!


6. Fights.

Fights make you realize how much you love your friend and despite disagreements, you guys can still work things out.

7. Being there for each other through thick and thin.

You and your friend have been through so many ups and downs in life and come out with flying colours.

8. Always being honest with each other.

Because it is okay to tell your friend that her/his cooking sucks!

9. Doing crazy things together.

When you took your first bungee jump, guess who jumped with you?

10. Taking your friend’s word above anybody else’s.

No rumour can mess with the trust you two share.

11. Accepting each other’s flaws.

Because nobody is perfect!

12. And believing in each other no matter what.

Because your friend knows exactly what to say to lift your spirits.

13. Forgiving and forgetting.

What do you do when your friend screws up? You forgive and move on because you love him/her too much.

14. Apologizing when necessary.

You and friend never let your egos come in the way of your friendship and that makes it stronger than ever.

15. Respecting each other’s boundaries.

Giving each other adequate space is necessary and your friend knows exactly when to draw the line.

16. Not letting your romantic relationships come in the way of friendship.


17. Maintaining loyalty.

No matter how difficult situations are, you always stand by/for your friend.

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18. Even if you’re not in the same city and meet only once a year, nothing changes!

No distance can ever come between you two.


You may not acknowledge the piers of your friendship but you experience them everyday, and that itself adds vigour to this wonderful bond!