When we are kids, our parents take care of everything, from where we go to what we do and what we define as fun. As we get older however, there comes a time where you realise that you have experienced quite a bit of the things around you that your folks probably never got to see. Wouldn’t it be so heartwarming to take your dad to a stand-up comedy show, or your mom to a pride parade? It feels good to give back to those who have given you so much, so here are a few cool things you can do with your parents.

1. Take your dad to watch some musical theatre. Most of our dads haven’t ever seen them!

2. Teach them both an instrument and have background music for everything you do at home!

3. Sign them up for a marathon if they’re able and then laugh at how badly all of you did.

4. Introduce them to the coolest cocktails around today, I guarantee they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Even you dad’s ‘whiskey only’ policy might change!

5. Have a detailed and informed conversation with them about the actual dangers and benefits of smoking marijuana.

You don’t have to smoke weed with them to talk about it.

6. If you have have a single parent, then introduce them to the Tinder dating app!

7. And if both your parents are around, show them the app anyway and have a laugh together!

8. Take them out to a stand-up comedy show. They’ll be super surprised at the freedom of speech today.

9. Rent your mom/ dad’s favourite car for a day and surprise them with a fun drive. Stretch Limo for the win!

10. Go watch a cricket match with them and scream you lungs out as a family!

11. Invite both the folks to cook a massive meal for the grandparents together. Cooking is caring.

12. Take your parents for a rock concert and headbang as a family. They’ll love it!

13. Drag either of your folks to a gay pride parade and watch them soak in the openness and positive vibes.

14. Get your dad a telescope and try to find the rings of Saturn together. Or just focus on the craters of the moon.

They did so much for us. It’s high time we returned the favour.