We’ve all walked into our houses to witness a pillow massacre or a miraculously clean batter bowl or eaten-up couches. And of course, all of that accompanied with our furry nuisance-makers sitting in one corner looking up at you with those sorry puppy eyes you just can’t stay mad at.

Here are  7 such crimes your dog is probably guilty of committing.

1. The Shoe Sniffing Addiction

No matter how much you train them, they go bonkers when their eyes detect a pair of sneakers, no matter who it belongs to. Yep, there’s no rehab for this fixation.


2. Outside, bad! Sofa, good!

When they’re alone at home, dogs have this strong, unavoidable urge to find out what it’s like to pee on a sofa.


3. Shred the damn toy

There’s something about certain soft toys that just pisses them off. They’re never going to get along, make peace with that. So you better keep your favourite snuggly soft toy out of their reach.


4. Treat-a-thon

They know exactly the shelf you’ve “hidden” their treats on. Leave them alone and they will figure out a way to reach that jar.

Once that paw grabs one treat, they’ll stop only when the it looks like a brand new jar.


5. Poopy pawprints

Ever entered the house feeling like Sherlock following a couple of stinky footsteps leading to the tail-wagging culprit?

They poop & decide to make it disappear using their paws. After unsuccessful attempts they walk away from the crime scene. All around the house!


6. Sweatshirt is yours. Draw string is mine.

You probably have sweatshirts, shoes etc without draw strings or laces. Thanks to another obsession your dog has.


7. Let me bark & scare the hell out of your friends

Sometimes, you just can’t call your friends over for a casual sleepover or a movie marathon because your dog can get too possessive to let anyone else lurk around you.


If you find yourself going “bad dog” often & if their misbehaviour starts driving you insane, tune into Cesar to the rescue on National Geographic Channel where Cesar Millan trains unruly dogs.

It premiers on August 30 at 8:30pm . Watch it and you might end up learning some pretty good tricks from Cesar.

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