Amidst grabbing those dream jobs, working our asses off, telling the world what’s on our minds, and trying to socialise with a bazillion people, our generation seems to have forgotten to do this one really important thing that is as important as life itself – love.

Before you shun this piece calling it a lonely single woman’s rant, let me take you around this. Are you still with me? Okay then.

1. We are available, but never really available.

We are out there – on social media websites, on dating apps, at parties, but all this while, are we really available? Not so much. We hide our inhibitions and are scared out of our wits.

2. It has become all about the ‘chase.’ And once that ends, everything ends.

Meet someone new. Exchange numbers. Late-night conversations. Question-answer games. Ask out. Dates. Lose interest. Meet someone new. Exchange numbers. Late-night conversations…. We know the drill all too well, don’t we?

3. We can’t deal with flaws and look for perfection.

Our generation is so obsessed with perfection that we can’t deal with the smallest of flaws. “He is nice but he is short.” “She is smart but she is chubby.” We need to realise that we’ve grown up and the world is much more than his height or her weight.

4. Our mentality about the concept of love is screwed.

Let’s face it. Most of us haven’t been in love and don’t even understand what it is. For us, it’s a game that we think we know too well.

5. We are too bitter to let go.

And the others who have been broken in love are too bitter to let it go. So what if it didn’t work out in the first place? Stop being bitter. Give love another chance.

6. We care about material things more. Today, one would rather have an iPhone than a partner.

My phone, my laptop, my clothes, my watch – it is all about materialistic things.

7. We believe in the ‘Let’s-end-this-before-it-gets-started’ technique.

We are afraid. Afraid to get into a relationship, afraid to get out of it, afraid to dump, afraid to get dumped. We are very, very afraid.

8. We meet people at a rapid pace and drop them even faster.

We keep looking for options – for something better. We do not want to settle for less.

9. We believe in quick thrills.

Meet someone. Make out. Have sex. This is what gets our adrenaline flowing, right? Who’s got time to actually go on a date and know the other person.

10. And are afraid of labels.

Most of us think why get into the trouble of labelling relationships. We are afraid of defining them because then people would know. And we’d not be able to end this ‘thing’ as easily as we would have.

11. It’s never the right time for us.

We don’t have enough time for love and when we do, “It’s not the right time.”

Delete Tinder, go out, meet people rather than adding them on Facebook, have a real conversation instead of sharing emojis, and don’t be afraid to give love a chance! It will be worth it.