The distance between a girl and a woman is not measured in years but by character and maturity. In a time where it is very easy for someone to lose herself in the rat race that is life, a woman stands out from the girls and breaks all stereotypes that have been forced on the whole of womankind.

Here are 16 things that set apart the women from the girls.

1. Girls have much to learn. Women, much to teach.

There’s a critical point in the learning experience. A woman knows this and it shows when others learn from her.

2. Girls follow trends. Women set them.

Girls are always chasing after fleeting fads, whereas women do their own unique thing.

3. Girls are eager to know. Women know what they want.

A girl might get lost chasing after all kinds of things. But a woman knows what she wants and goes for it.

4. Girls play at being mothers. Women can be whatever they choose to be.

Playing ‘house’ is something most girls do. But women grow out of it and realize that they can be whatever they want to be as long as they work for it.

5. Girls fight over things. Women debate and discuss.

Quarreling comes naturally to most girls. Women realize its pointlessness.

6. Girls play games. Women make the rules.

Mind games and girls go hand in hand and often it’s cute. Women, on the other hand, don’t get played easily.

7. Girls want to be pampered. Women can take care of themselves.

Girls often get drawn towards someone who can protect them. Women have no such compulsions because they can tackle their own problems.

8. Girls weave fantasies. Women live them.

Often, girls have an end goal in mind but have a hard time figuring out how to achieve it. Women figure it out and achieve all their goals.

9. Girls hold on to the past. Women never look back.

Life is too short to live in the past. Women know this, girls don’t.

10. Girls want romance. Women want a connection.

Sometimes, girls live in this fantasy land where they expect Prince Charming to show up and sweep them off their feet. Women live in the real world where finding someone you can connect with is a big thing.

11. Girls have moods. Women have layers.

Girls are often hard to deal with because you never know what mood they’ll be in but women are easier to talk to, especially if you’re patient.

12. Girls whine about their problems. Women face them upfront.

While girls can be quite dramatic about it, women know that the only way to make your problems disappear is to tackle them head on.

13. Girls seek attention. Women seek space.

When in a relationship, a girl likes to spend all her time with her partner. A woman, however, understands that both can use some breathing space.

14. Girls think they’re always right. Women know when they are not.

When you’re not right, you’re wrong. Try telling that to a woman and she’ll understand. Tell the same thing to a girl and she might unleash her wrath on you.

15. Girls compete with each other. Women compete with themselves.

While women constantly compete against their own selves, girls try to “one up” each other.

16. Girls are often scared of the unknown. Women are more adventurous.


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