Your girlfriends are like the bowl of comfort food you crave after a difficult day. They bring you the happiness that breezy long drive which take you away from city lights bring. Hanging out with them gives you much happiness. You love to shop together. But sometimes, it could be great to do something different. Here are some suggestions :

1. Explore new food trails

2. Give each other a haircut

3. Think of alternatives to wax and razors – painless and clean!

4 . Try your hand at pottery


5. Slumber party!

6. Make brunch after the party

7. Treat yourselves to a pedicure

8. Organize a c haat eating competition


9. Visit your school/college

10. Take a metro ride through the city

11. Spend a day on the swings in the park

12. Sing your throats hoarse at a Karaoke night

Poulomi Basu

13. Head to a theatre to watch a play

14. Check out and appreciate art at a gallery

15. Play Consequences or Exquisite Corpse and create your own beautiful stories

16. Play games you used to play as kids


17. Plan trips in the future and sign pacts

18. Fangirl over your favorite fictional character

19. Watch your favorite movie in a language you don’t know

20. Ship for your favorite pair


21. Go for lingerie trials

22. Check out guys

23. Exchange clothes and accessories


24. Dance to the raunchiest item numbers together

25. Give your old clothes an update with some crazy DIY

26. Hit the gym and work up a sweat


27. Put up a crazy fashion show and film it!

28. Make prank calls

29. Watch horror movies


30. Get as drunk as a fish and be safe

31. Stalk your exes

32. Click group selfies in the weirdest of places

33. Share your experiences and learn from other’s mistakes


What would you like to try?