“I love you” are and will always remain the three magical words that melt our hearts. But sometimes, even those words aren’t magic enough. The little things that your girl does for you are way, way more special and heartwarming than anything that can be put into words. What are those gestures that girls make all the time? Read on to find out.

1. When she puts her head on his shoulder and snuggles up against him.

2. When she reads up on his favourite cartoon/action movie, so that he doesn’t have to give up anything for her.

3. When she encourages him to go out with his bros, even though she’s free for the evening.

4. She hates the way he leaves things lying around, but makes her peace with it because he likes it that way.

5. She’s bad at sports, but she plays along with him just to give him company.

6. When she brings the dinner to bed so they can curl up and snuggle together.

7. She knows he’s missing the match because he’s at work, so she messages him the score through the day.

8. When she patiently helps him pick out the perfect gift for his sister/mother because she knows how much he loves her.

9. She hugs him tightly when he wins a match against his friends, even though he’s sweating like a pig.

10. She wakes up earlier than usual, just to surprise him with his favourite breakfast.

11. When she proudly flaunts him in front of all her girlfriends.

12. When she puts up a show just for him at the end of a long, hard work day.

13. When she starts fan girling his favourite bands.

14. When she actively listens to his wild ideas – even though she’s too tired to think.

15. When she opens up to him about her deepest, darkest fears – because he’s the only one she trusts.

16. When she laughs at all his silly, immature jokes without judging him for them.

17. She genuinely enjoys spending her time with all his friends.

18. When she gives him a soothing massage, even though she’s equally tired.

Love has it’s own language, and it’s rather sweet.