While travelling to distant lands or while partying at a crowded club, while pulling an all-nighter in office or while staying at a friend's place - ladies dread using toilet seats which shelter millions of unknown microorganisms. The thought of painful UTIs makes them clench their fists in fear. In fact, I know some women who refuse to consume liquids to avoid using a public restroom.

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When faced by the need to relieve ourselves in hostile surroundings, we wish for better sanitary facilities or for the power to pee while standing or just for a stronger bladder in general!

A revolutionary (if I may call it so) product, PeeBuddy is set to change all of this.

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What is it exactly?

It is a disposable, tube-shaped urination device made of coated paper. Women can simply use one to pee while standing and avoid the horrors of using an infectious toilet seat.

How? Like this:

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The founders of First Step Projects - Deep Bajaj, Mohit Bajaj and Rahul Anand - came up with this brilliant idea when faced by the lack of proper restrooms during a road trip. Thanks to them, w omen can actually buy some peace of mind (to some extent, won't you say?) now.

Though products like PeeBuddy entered the Indian market through eBay a while back, PeeBuddy is the first Indian venture of its kind. Also, it is competently priced at 120₹ for a pack of five in comparison for about 1400₹ for a pack of a brand like GoGirl.