A girl’s BFF is a very important part of her life. And she knows that. Which is why she lets said BFF get away with stuff that would make normally make you pop a vein in anger. She gets away with stuff that would normally make you froth at the mouth and run after people with a chainsaw. She gets away with stuff that would make you round-horse kick someone in the face with a steel-toed boot. All she needs to do is smile her goofy smile and *Poof!*

In the end, all you can do is shake your head and laugh when she;

1. Photobombs a perfectly composed selfie.

Because the goofball feels that her contorted face is the perfect addition to your soon-to-be profile picture.

2. Sets you up on a disastrous blind date.

She tells you it’s her hot doctor friend and he turns out to be the guy that tried to “Fraandship” you on FB.

3. Is so possessive about you that she becomes “Overly Obsessed BFF.”

Every date night with your boyfriend must necessarily be compensated with a girl’s night out with her.

4. Nicks and shamelessly eats your food from the refrigerator.

She makes it a point to dutifully polish off all the Gajar Ka Halwa your Mum sent you before you’ve even had a bite.

5. Steals your spotlight and becomes the life of the party.

Even then, she will clutch your hand tightly and whisper in your ear, “Don’t leave me na. I’m scared.”

6. Borrows your favourite LBD for a party.

“Only for a day, ya!”

7. And spills wine on that same dress.

“Sorry, ya. I promise I’ll get you another one…”

8. Acts like a total drama queen every now and then.

“No! I won’t go out today! I can’t find my favourite pair of ballerinas!”

9. Puts up a really horrible picture of your on Instagram.

And then tags you on it.

10. Whines about her boyfriend one moment.

“I hate you…

11. Then texts him a hundred kiss smileys the next.

…like I love you!”

12. Forces you to go out when you don’t want to.

When you are all set to hit the bed, your BFF comes in barking “PARTY!” and drags you away.

13. Asks for your advice but never takes it.

She is what you would call, an “Ask-Hole.”

14. Never fails to recount your most embarrassing moments to random people.

And all you can do is facepalm yourself and hide in a corner.

No matter what prank your bestie pulls and no matter how much she frustrates you, you know that she is the one constant in your life that will always keep the sun shining and the rainbows bright. To celebrate these crazy #BFFMoments and many more, Nivea made this awesome #BFFSong featuring Parineeti Chopra and it pretty damn accurate. Check it out.


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