The standards of good and bad, moral and immoral, are set by society. We, as a society, dictate the rules of morality and decide which values to preach. Accordingly, we put people through the bar of judgement and label them as good or bad.

There are some people who went out of their way and shook the faith and morality of people in ways unimaginable. Given their insensitive, cruel and cold ways, they have been feared and loathed worldwide. But labeling a person as only one thing may not be right always. We bring to you a list of people who may had another side to them, something that made them seem sensitive and humane, although their actions made it abundantly clear they weren't.

Even if nothing compensates for the abuses they caused to the society, let us take a moment out to appreciate their good side too.

The designs are made by Lakshya Vij