We have all fantasized about having a personal assistant to take care of all those errands that we hate to do but simply can’t avoid. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if someone could run around town and buy all the groceries for you while you sat at home, binge watching GOT in your pajamas ?

They say when you really want something, the universe conspires to help you get it. Voila! Today, while derping around the Play Store, I discovered this awesome app called Goodservice which is basically an app version of a personal assistant – to order anything on chat .

I gave it a spin for a day or two and it was fantastic!

1. Order anything with a simple chat message.

The first thing I tried was ordering my groceries. I simply sent my shopping list to Goodservice , gave them my address and had all the stuff delivered while I waddled through peak hour traffic.

2. No request is too silly, no request is too small.

So the other day while I sat in office, my allergies started acting up. To deal with my runny nose, I ordered antibiotics. And for my deflated feels, I ordered some Hot Chocolate. Done and done!

I told them what I wanted, they sent me the menu of the closest Cafe and I placed my order.

40 minutes and an extra 50 rupees later, I was a happy person once again.

3. Get anything done, literally ANYTHING – One of the greatest things about Goodservice is the breadth of services it covers.

Be it booking an appointment with a doctor, getting a print out or delivering medicines, they have everything covered.

4. The customer service people are very courteous, polite and efficient. As in, they actually know how to do their jobs.

They are prompt in replying to your request and providing updates on the same.

5. Last but not the least, time is of no constraint.

So the next time you are watching back-to-back episodes of Game Of Thrones and are suddenly struck by the munchies, Goodservice will come to your rescue.

I always wanted a personal assistant, now I have one. Technology… Aww Yeah! You can get it on the Play Store here .

Goodservice is currently available in Delhi NCR, with an early release in Bangalore & Mumbai.

Feature Images: Fashion Week Daily