Worried about your future? Aren’t we all constantly?

So, the next time you want some answers, turn to Google Fortunetelling .

Google Fortunetelling is a brand website that has taken up the difficult job of predicting our futures. And it looks exactly like the Google search page.

Except that it is not. When you try to type in a question, it will automatically type ” Where can I find a safe place?

But go ahead with it, anyway.

Notice the options? It tells us – and correctly – that it is not only our future that we should be worried about.

It cannot predict our future as it rightly says in all caps.

The site also tells us that ” But 60 million refugees ask themselves every day if they have a future at all.

It also offers options for ‘Images of Refugees’ and ‘Videos of Refugees’. You can also check local initiatives and donate to charity , spread awareness through Facebook and Twitter, or simply urge everyone to work together for everyone’s better future.

The point that this website tries to drive home is that for once, we should look up from ourselves because there is a whole world to salvage. And that it is going to take some work.