A few days ago, the entire online world (heck the offline one too) was abuzz with the news of Google’s impending restructuring. The last time the word ‘Alphabet’ was this popular was way back when I was in diapers and those squeaky shoes with lights on them were all the rage.

Anyway, in the midst of all the commotion, Microsoft didn’t miss a chance to troll their arch rivals, Google. If you visit ABC.WTF – a clear play on Alphabet’s new url ABC.XYZ – you will be immediately redirected to the Bing search page.

So typing this:

Takes you here:

And they didn’t stop there. Type in ABC.FAIL and you’ll find yourself on the Bing home page too.

Of course, the Redmond based company hasn’t claimed responsibility for the gimmick, looking up the troll url on Whois , which reveals IP server locations, clearly reveals the domain is registered in a Redmond based server.

Let’s just say, well done.