If you know anything about the Indian Army, you’ve probably heard that the Gurkha regiment harbours some of the most gut-wrenchingly badass soldiers in the forces. Every now and then, the Gurkha will introduce a man to the world who would change the definition of a hero for us lesser mortals. Retired Naik Bishnu Shrestha happens to be one such epic soldier whose story was forgotten with time.

So let’s recount the events of 2nd September, 2010:

A gang of 40 bandits try to loot passengers on the Maurya Express.

While travelling through West Bengal’s outskirts on the Maurya Express, the then recently retired Naik of the 8th Gurkha Rifles, Bishnu Shrestha, found himself in the midst of a robbery as the train suddenly came to halt. 30 odd bandits disguised as passengers rose up with all kinds of weapons and demanded the passengers to hand over valuables, as more poured in from the thickness outside.

Shrestha stayed calm through the robbery and decided to let it roll out.

Handing over his own wallet and possessions, the veteran refused to be overwhelmed by emotion, deciding not to escalate the situation and risk life over material.

Up until the goons decided to gang rape a young girl.

As all the passengers began to surrender their possessions, a group from the mob tore the shirt of an 18-year-old girl who happened to be sitting right next to Shrestha. As the group proceeded with the intent to gang rape the girl right in front of her parents, Shrestha decided it was enough.

Shrestha took on the gang armed with just a kukri.

Having handed over everything he had except for the Gurhka’s traditional weapon, the kukri, Shrestha withdrew the blade from its concealed location in one fluid motion. He decided to take on the 40 member strong gang who were armed with everything from knives and swords to guns, with his blade.

Him and his blade killed 3, wounded 8 and got the rest shitting their pants.

Dragging the first guy off the young girl, Shrestha proceeded to use the man as a human shield and cleaved his way through the rest of them before setting himself off on an all caps rage. At this point, apparently, one of the bandits – unwilling to harm the human shield – went for the young girl, to which Shrestha responded by slashing his throat.

The Gurkha with a murderous rage then went on to hack down everything remotely threatening, killing 3 in the process and wounding 8, suffering a severe gash on his arm during the 10-minute scuffle.

When he looked around for more bandits to help meet their maker, he realised they had fled for their lives in a cold sweat.

Shrestha was reinstated with a higher rank and awarded a promotion and medals.

He was awarded the Sourya Chakra and Sena Medal, along with a silver plated kukri, ₹50,000 by his unit and the bounty placed on the bandits.

The young girl’s family also offered Shrestha a reward which he graciously refused. A grand salute to this great hero!