‘Friend.’ It’s a term that’s widely bandied about to categorise a huge spectrum of people. From a casual, one time acquaintance to someone you’ve known your entire conscious life. They say you only truly know who your real friends are in your time of need. But that’s not entirely true. You don’t need to be staring at a potential tragedy in the face to find out how much your friend really cares about you. It’s all in the little things they do, that really prove how much your friendship is worth. Things like:

1. When he lent you his bike so you could take your crush out on a date.

2. That time when your friend, who’s never thrown so much as a punch in his life, was ready to throw down just to defend you.

3. The endless number of times they re-read and re-wrote your CV/SOP/business proposal/presentation… you get the idea.

4. When he acted as a messenger between you and your crush for the longest time.

5. When you were down in the dumps and all it took was one phone call and he was at your door. With a football, no less. Always there for you, buddy.

6. That time when she stayed up all night, on the phone with you, just because you needed someone to talk to.

7. When she distracted your crush’s annoying friend and got her out of the way, so you could talk to your love.

8. When he confiscated your phone before you could drunk text your ex.

9. That time when you were all but ready to give up, until they stepped forward and gave you the push you needed.

10. When your friend lied for you to your parents. Or your girlfriend.

11. That time when they bigged you up in front of their other group of friends for no reason other than the fact they completely believe it.

12. That time when they were the only one who could convince you to go on that one trip you’ll never forget. And you’ve never forgotten it since.

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