We’d go to any extent to get that envious facial glow or that smoothest skin, won’t we? But how far will you go if you knew some of your favourite beautifying “agents” contained some disgusting ingredients? Yes, the truth can be bitter, and sometimes that bitter taste is made up of puke, feaces & what not .

So, let’s look at 11 of the most disgusting, but very much real, constituents of your everyday wonder products:

1. Bull semen

Proud of the gloss that you love to flaunt? Well, thank the bull whose ejaculation serves as a protein-laden component of the expensive conditioner that you use.

Source: Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Nation

2. Infant foreskin

Now that is absolutely gross, isn’t it? But infant foreskin is one of the constituents of face cream. (Yes, you read that right!)

Source: EcoPro

3. Whale puke

“Pass me the perfume, mademoiselle!” Did you know whale vomit and (in some cases) whale excreta is used in perfumes!


4. Crushed beetles

Fret not, if you can’t find the perfect glossy lipstick for your next party; you could always use crushed beetles and concoct a solution. Psst… even Starbucks has admitted to using crushed beetles in their coffee! (cochineal beetles excrete a red liquid called carmine which is safe for human consumption)

Source: WordPress

5. Shark liver oil

Squalene, extracted from shark liver, is used in moisturisers. Not just that, squalene from sharks is also credited as a cancer-preventing substance.

Source: Coral World

6. Snail goo

Snails are grotesquely slimy creatures, but their secretions are rich in glycolic acid and elastin. Both glycolic acid and elastin work like magic on your skin and are used in high end facial creams.

Source: Wikipedia

7. Dynamite

‘Toothpaste mein namak’ is passé now! Make way for toothpaste mein dynamite! Diatomaceous earth is a rock that is soft enough to be crumbled into a powder. It’s mild nature makes it suitable for cosmetic use. However, in dynamite form, it is used to stabilize nitroglycerin.

Source: WordPress

8. Lead

Though not used anymore, lead based paints were used to achieve that “pale, ghoulish look”, a sign of distinction and wealth in ancient Greece!

Source: Northern Industrial Hygiene

9. Urea

Urea (found in urine) was used in fairness creams till the 1950s. Imagine, rubbing pee all over your face for that radiant glow!

Source: wiseGeek

10. Bird droppings

Celebrities, namely Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey are raving about nightingale poop and its cosmetic wonders! Bird poop spawns multi-purpose skincare product! Imagine a commercial that says, “bid acne goodbye with bird shit!”

Source: YouTube

11. Dead algae

Dead algae or diatomaceous earth is used as a skin cleaner and exfoliating body scrub. The gooey algae is also used in facials and treats acne too!

Source: WordPress

It’s time you ushered-in a paradigm shift with ‘shuddh desi’ cosmetics! Ramdev anyone?

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