They say most people have only 1 or 2 best friends in their whole lives. Well, sometimes life blesses you with more. Especially during your school life. You find yourself part of a really amazing bunch of people – your own gang of friends.

Here’s a list of 15 amazing things that you experienced with your bunch of forever friends!

1. Bunking school was fun but mass bunking was way more fun!

2. You all plotted and planned with such precision that you ended up in the same SUPW class.

3. There were always romantic complications and sub-gangs within the main gang which was always exciting.

4. It was probably the first time you got comfortable with the opposite sex.

5. You all got similar marks in the exams thanks to the group cramming sessions.

6. Every get together was like a joke-a-minute laughathon.

7. You gave your gang a weird name that you are too embarrassed to talk about now.

8. You never got into trouble alone, it was always the entire gang.

9. Watching a movie together turned into the most hilarious adventure ever!

10. You started doing every ‘adult’ thing together.

11.Whenever someone picked a fight with you, an entire army was unleashed upon them!

12 When you went to parties with your group of friends, you had a party of your own which became more happening than the original party.

13. You collectively decided who would wear what at school farewell.

14. Going off to different colleges after 12th was the hardest moment of your lives.

15 You will never miss a gang reunion even today amidst all your busy schedules.