1: You don’t understand food without daal or maach.

2: As a kid, you were maniacal for half marks in your test papers.

3: You are well trained in detecting uninvited foreign bodies like mosha & tik-tiki.

4:You were conditioned to believe that you could survive Apocalypse armed with a file of Gelusil and a tube of Boroline.

5: Every New Year calendar starts with charting out Durga Pujo dates.

6: You have grown up worshipping nolen gur.

7: “Onek hoyeche, ebar porte bosho” was your childhood anthem (Enough, now get back to studies).

8: You have learned & taught yourself the bong echo-system: Khaabar-daabar, aaje-baaje, poisha-woisha, mota-shota.

9: As a mischievous kid, you have faced some real lovable words like bandor & bandraami.

10: You have a serious, committed relationship with botaam & septi-pin.

11: Only you know the magic of the afternoon nap.

12: Winters are not complete unless you have overloaded on 55 sweaters. No monkey cap jokes, people.

13: Your Sundays were & are all about maangsho-bhaat (mutton rice).

14: Kaemon ache will always be greeted by “ei cholche”.

15: Your birthdays start with the awesome paayesh.

16: The gift always comes first. Then comes bhai-phota.

17: You have been bred to appreciate, acknowledge, love, drink & believe in Horlicks.

18: You have been reminded time & again, how a day has ‘chhobish ghonta’ and what all can be & has not been achieved in that.

19: You have incorporated a 2BHK space in that tummy of yours because the rice servings never stop.

20: You have learned never to respond to your old uncle asking you ‘chinte parcho (are you able to remember me)’.

Because once you act squeaky & say yes, you’ll be counter-asked the most deadly question, ‘aami ke bolo toh’ (tell me who I am) & your life will fall like a pack of cards.

21: When your mom came to raid your old clothes, you knew it’s time for ‘nekra’ (Poccha).

22 : You have alternated your childhood with your name & your daak (home) naam.

23: For you, distance is never kilometres. It’s always in minutes.

24: You need a kol baalish for a peaceful sleep.

25: Family get-togethers are incomplete without gorment, politics, sports & entertainment debates and each person is somehow right without agreeing with one another.

26: No matter how much you study, you will always hear the golden words ‘aamar chhele toh porei na’ (my kid never studies).

27: Even if you are almost dead after a heavy meal, you should be ready for the world’s most innocent question: Pet bhore khechish toh? (Have you filled your tummy?)

28: Every Bong faces the Spondylosis attack at some point in his or her life.

29: Poshto, begun bhaaja, khichudi & paapad are god’s food on a rainy day.

30: Luchi makes you dance with happiness.

31: Your non-bong friends don’t follow your bong humor.

32: But once with your bong friends, your jokes just don’t stop.

33: You take art and craft very seriously.

34: You love the smell of fresh books, old books, books & more books.

35: You have absolute sense of hatred for ‘Nyakami’.

36: And you have zero tolerance for incorrect grammar.

37: Every discussion for you is of national importance.

38: And lastly, all of these made your childhood awesome. Oppa bongnam style.