You can take a Punjabi out of Punjab, but you can never take Punjab out of a Punjabi. Punjabis all over the world will testify to the above statement. Even when they reach the heights of success, they never forget their roots.

Growing up in Punjab is an enriching experience. If you grew up in the land of butter chicken, here are 10 things you will definitely relate to:

1. You learned BC and MC before you learnt ABC.

Because that’s how we roll oye!

2. Aaloo paranthe have been your Sunday staples.

3. You drink lassi and skanjawi as happily as you drink daaru.

4. As a guy, you asked for only one gift from your parents if you scored good marks in Class 10 : A ‘bullt.’

5. You have relatives in Kaneda and Amrika. Lots of them!

6. You have a pind you go back to every vacation.

7. You can Bhangra your way to anything.


8. The ice-cream waala and ganne ke juice waala were your true chuddy buddies.


9. Gerhi isn’t a word for you. It’s a culture.

10. You have seen many fights and the people involved can give Bollywood action directors a run for their money.

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Truly, growing up in Punjab is an experience like no other!