As children, all we want to do is to become adults. We all want to grow up and be somebody. And then it happens, we all grow up. And we find out that adulthood is not as fun as we thought it would be. And then we become nostalgic and wish we were kids again. Here are 20 reasons why growing up is extremely overrated:

1. We stop dreaming about growing up.

Remember those countless daydreams on what it would be like once we grow up?

2. We are loaded with responsibilities.

Growing up = Responsibilities. Paying bills, buying grocery, work and what not!

3. We have to deal with our own mess.

Every time we screw up, we have to fix it ourselves. We can’t be as dependent on others as we used to be as kids.

4. We have to work hard for everything!

As kids, we just had to ask for something and we would get it. But now, nothing in life comes easy. Working hard becomes the only way out.

5. We have to live up to social customs.

We live in a society that expects us to behave and live in a certain way, and as grown ups we have to adhere to that.

6. Our passions become hobbies that we plan to pursue.

There is hardly any time for ourselves. All the things we want to do take a back seat and become things we plan to do ‘someday’!

7. We no longer do things just because we want to.

Because we think way too much about the consequences, implications and all that jazz!

8. We can’t burst into tears when something goes wrong.

After being born, crying was the first thing we ever did… But after growing up, that’s no an option anymore.

9. Our job becomes the most important thing in our lives!

It is easy to say we must maintain a work-life balance but reality states otherwise.

10. We miss out on our favourite cartoon series!

As kids, we could never miss a minute of these shows. Now we have no time.

11. We can’t be kiddish for the fear of being judged.

Even enjoying our favorite lick-lollies without getting stares from people becomes difficult.

12. We stop learning..

School was one of the best things about our childhood.

13. Our fantasies slip away.

Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy no longer exist!

14. Things are no longer as exciting and new as they used to be.

Then: we knew nothing and hence were curious. Now: We still know nothing but pretend otherwise!

15. We don’t fit into those awesome outfits anymore.

Which means goodbye dungarees and pig-tails.

16. We stop taking risks and experimenting.

Remember the time when we could just tumble down the slides and stand on the swings without fearing a fall?

17. It’s difficult for us to be honest about our feelings.

Back in the day, we could say whatever we felt without feeling guilty!

18. Falling in love, making friends, relationships etc. only get harder.

It was so much easier when we were young.

19. We no longer cuddle up next to our parents.

Remember what you did after your first horror film was too scary to handle? Or those thundering nights?

20. And the worst part about growing up is that we cannot go back!

If only there was a time machine and we could hit rewind!