As kids, most things come instinctively, including things like how to have fun and how to express your love for someone. As we grow up however, self consciousness, societal norms and the rules of decent behaviour start dictating how we act. In that way, most adults start being just boring and staid, preferring to suppress their natural emotions act 'normal.

Check out a few way in which adults act more stupid than children.

1. When adults fight, it can last for years. Kids settle things with a katti and abba .

2. And the worst part is, adults can be fake nice to each other the whole time. Kids can't do fake.

3. Kids instinctively know that taking risks is how you learn, but adults try their hardest to avoid risks.

4. Having fun and creating a racket is fun as kids, but becomes almost illegal as an adult.

5. Kids love cartoons, but adults always hide their true love for Tom and Jerry.

I mean, come on, being true to yourself is NOT a crime!

6. Kids love vibrant colours, but adults just turn more grey as they go along, whether it's their clothes or walls or even shoes.

7. For adults, parties are more about making contacts than having a good time. Kids actually know how to party!

8. Kids make friends out of fondness, while adults make friends for convenience.

9. Behaving unpredictably is the children's department, while adults act decent and boring for the sake of society.

10. Kids play outside and actually have fun, but adults mostly just get drunk on weekends.

11. Kids are creative about everything from drawing to singing, but adults just stick to things tried and tested.

12. Kids are spontaneous and up for anything, but adults plan literally everything (except for The Joker of course)

13. Children are the most imaginative beings on the planet, while adults just think imagination is stupid.

14. Children will give you all their trust with a simple 'God promise', but you can never be sure whether to trust an adult.

As you can see, keeping things fun and easy is all under your control, so just let loose and stop worrying about what people think!