Knowing just how good fruits are for our health is not enough for most of us to incorporate them in our daily diet. We seem to have some sort of an inbuilt resistance to picking fruits over the plethora of often unhealthy, but tempting options. But having fruit doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

Try these hacks to make sure that you not only get enough fruits in your diet, but also thoroughly enjoy it.

1. Top up that banana with some Nutella.

2. Replace that heavy cake with some yogurt and fruit.

3. Having a chicken salad for lunch? Throw in some sweet lime in the mix.

4. Instead of a can of soda, have a fruit-based mocktail.

5. Make your breakfast wholesome with some good old mosambi juice.

Dreading the thought of having to peel and cut mosambi to get the juice? Just get the new Tropicana Mosambi juice tetra pack.

6. Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, anyone?

7. Carry an apple or a banana in your bag for those mid-day snack cravings.

8. Instead of a milkshake, have a smoothie for breakfast.

9. If you must have ice-cream, top it up with some fruit. Vanilla goes well with mango, while chocolate and strawberry remain a classic combination!

10. Skip the potato chips. Try spiced apple chips instead.

Sprinkle thinly sliced apple with some cinnamon, and bake it. It is delicious!

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