Jitendra Kumar isn’t exactly having the best time. The Gurgaon resident recently received an electricity bill of Rs 75 crore for 2 months! If you’re assuming it’s because he’s insanely well off (think champagne and caviar for breakfast), then think again. His bills are regularly around Rs. 5000 – 9000. In fact, the bill is even more than the cost of his entire house.

“When I went to the electricity office, they said they will fix it. They asked me to wait outside the office, I waited for two hours in the office and then they said that I will receive the bill,” he told ANI .

Despite registering the bizarre issue at the electricity office, no action has been taken to resolve the issue. This isn’t a one-off incident either. There have been several unbelievable inconsistencies with power bills around India, and it is a seriously worrying trend.