To all those guy BFFs whom we always took for granted for & never really thanked enough. This one is for you!

1. On an average, guys are a lot less drama. Sometimes, it’s a welcome change of pace from over-excited girlfriends.

2. Guys are far more protective about you than your lady friends.

3. No matter what time it is, they’re always ready for illogical conversations over phone, Whatsapp and Facebook.

4. It’s easier to loosen up with your guy friend over a drink than your girlies!

5. You can always crack dirty jokes with them and not feel embarrassed about it.

6. Additionally, when you’re hanging out with them, you can let out your inner dude as well.

7. Before you get your hands on your Dad’s car, you practice on his car and give him a mini heart-attack in the process.

8. They’ll always be concerned about your relationships & heartbreaks.

9. They have a ‘jugaad’ for every problem! From making up excuses to finding a perfect place to chill.

10. Your parents are completely fine with them coming over to your place at 12 & wishing you a surprise happy birthday!

11. They are your biggest critics & keep you grounded when you feel like you’re too fabulous.

12. You won’t get insincere compliments from them. But you will get teased about your Disney pajamas.

13. They bolster your knowledge on important topics such as; porn, alcohol, sports and cars.

14. We don’t mind waiting hours for them because we know meeting them is worth it!

15. Your parents rely on them for reports on your behaviour. They respond magnificently by lying through their teeth.

16. They are always there for you, during the good, the bad and the great times.

18. Drinking becomes an important part of your life when you have a guy BFF.

19. He’s the only guy you won’t judge for playing Honey Singh songs.

20. Convincing him to come shopping with you is like teaching a frog how to fly. But if he does come along, you can shop twice as much as you normally do.

21. He is one of the first visitors when you fall sick.  But if you’ve got a cold, he’ll just go “Nope.”

22. You fight with them the most, swear at them the most but in the end, love them the most!