Guys can get along majorly with other guys. Once they find out that they have something in common, bromance develops automatically and nothing can stop them from hanging out with each other. And even if they can’t find any common interest, there is always alcohol. Here are 14 things then men bond over:

1. Alcohol

Chal daaru peete hain. This line has resulted in more male bonding that anything else in the history of mankind!

2. Women

Of course, we’ll deny it but all of us discuss women. From the sexy chick in college to the new hottie in sales, we discuss every single woman. There is a reason why they say there is only one thing on a guy’s mind.

3. Chai and sutta

A smoking break is always more fun if there is company. It’s the most normal thing in the world to walk up to another guy and ask if he wants to take a break too.

4. Watching sports

Whether it is watching a weekend game together (while enjoying Point No. 1) or discussing last night’s cricket match, sports is a favourite topic among guys.

5. Playing sports

Let’s face it, you’re only going to call up your guy friends for a match of cricket or football.

6. Pranks

When it’s a bunch of guy playing a prank, there is no limit. They’ll do anything to take someone’s case. ANYTHING!

7. Body building

All of us want six-pack abs and huge biceps. And irrespective of whether we get it or not, we constantly talk about it.


8. Cars/Bikes

Not to imply that women don’t drive or talk about automobiles but no one can argue that we like talking about these things more.

9. Movies

Action movies, sci-fi movies, war movies… Nothing makes a guy feel more macho than discussing such ‘manly’ movies.

10. Music

From hip hop to rock classics to the latest Honey Singh number, guys spend a lot of time discussing and listening to music.

11. Games

From Counter Strike to FIFA, from NFS to Halo, guys spend a lot of time playing video games and talking about them.

12. Gadgets

The latest in mobile phones, laptops or any other fancy new gizmo…. Gadgets are another favourite topic of discussion among guys.

13. Road trips

Whether it’s a bike trip to Ladakh or driving down to Goa, road trips are something guys love doing together. Of course there are road trips where we want women to come along as well, but some trips are more fun if it’s just guys.

14. Porn

We all watch it though most of us don’t discuss it openly. But some of us are bold enough to admit and even talk about it.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t mean to imply that women don’t bond over these things. But general consensus is that these are things guys bond over more.