Picture this.

You are travelling back home from work in a crowded metro, all tired and drowsy. When suddenly, as you are about to reach into your pocket for your phone, you get that immediate panic attack when… IT’S NOT THERE. Your heart races, your stomach lurches and your brain goes into overdrive. Only to later figure out that you’ve been talking on it all this while. Phew!

Sounds familiar? Well, it’s hard for me to break it to you that like 90% of the people who use cellphones, even you suffer from Nomophobia or #NoMoFo – the fear of having no mobile phone.

But fret not, we’re here to save the day for you with these 10 simple-never-lose-your-phone-again hacks:

1. U se a timed silent mode so that later, even if you forget, your phone turns on the ringer automatically.

“I don’t always lose my phone. But when I do, it’s on silent.”

– Every smartphone user ever

Source: Twitter

2. Invest in docking stands and always place your phone in it when you are not using it.

This will get you in the habit of putting your phone at a defined spot in your house, at work and in your car. After a few weeks, you’ll realize that magically, you are no longer wasting countless minutes every day frantically searching for your phone!

Source: HyperTextual

3. Before you get sloshed at a party, hand your beloved gadget to a friend who plans on staying sober through the night.

A perfect test of friendship and sobriety, both rolled onto one!

Source: WindowsCentral

4. Invest in a handset insurance solution that can offer protection from damage, theft, and malware.

Our research shows that Quick Heal Gadget Securance is the best in the category as it offers both smarter security and a premium insurance.

5. Put your name and an emergency contact number on your phone’s lock-screen or wallpaper.

Type it into your notes app, take a screenshot, and change it to your lock screen. And then just hope that the person who finds your phone is a good Samaritan.

Source: Tin8

6. Never put your phone in your back pocket. NEVER!

Unless of course you have a thing for cracked screens or need the someone-stole-my-phone excuse to buy a new one.

Source: HuffingtonPost

7. Get a top-of-the-line armoured case for your phone so that it becomes impossible for someone to nick it from your pocket stealthily.

Source: TheTechReviewer

8. Invest a good power bank so that you don’t have to leave your phone unattended while it’s charging.

Source: iGeeksBlog

9. Create a timely ritual like an alarm, a gaming session or something. This will help you in keeping a check on your phone after every few hours.

Or, if you are a gone case, then probably after every few minutes.

Source: TeleSurf

10. Turn on the Android Device Manager or the Find My iPhone service on your phone to help you in tracking your device, just in case you lose it.

Source: OfficialAndroidBlogspot

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