What’s the point of the latest smartphone and a hundred quirky apps if the phone itself is out of charge? And no matter how advanced the phone is or how expensive it is, battery charge running out is a problem that every single one of us seem to have to endure on a daily basis.

Saving battery becomes mandatory. Here are 20 everyday hacks that will definitely help your phone last longer:

1. Switch off the vibrate function.

2. Keep a darker background.

3. Make sure no unnecessary apps are running in the background.

Source: nokiapoweruser

4. Change your phone settings to a timeout within 20-30 seconds of no use.

5. Don’t leave your phone out in the sun.

Mobile Choice Magazine says that lithium-ion phone batteries work best when kept at slightly below room temperature.

6. Unless absolutely necessary, dim the screen of your phone.

Source: thedogandbone

7. Use the right screensaver. Avoid animated, moving ones.

8. Turn down the ring volume or keep the phone on silent.

9. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS when not in use.

Source: abcnewspoint

10. Don’t let non-essential notifications bother you.

11. Use power-saver as soon as you realize that the charge is running out.

12. Make sure to close the apps you open.

Source: laptopmag

13. Turn off your 3G/4G when battery is running low.

14. Turn off screen alerts.

15. Avoid using voice controls.

Source: androidauthority

16. Opt out of having your apps automatically updated.

17. Switch to flight mode when the battery is nearing red.

18. Low battery equals no flash photography, music or games.

19. Google Blackle should be your search engine.

What better than to use an energy saving engine powered by Google?

20. Most of all, be on a constant lookout for anything (any new information about your phone) that might be eating up your phone’s battery.

Every phone functions differently. So make sure you know what works for your phone.

But don’t end up only saving charge and not using your phone at all. LOL!