Aren’t we always running out of time? Don’t you always keep wishing for more time? A 48-hour day maybe? To learn, to have fun, to write articles? (well) But there are some things we do everyday which are an absolute waste of time. Detangling earphones, peeling garlic, applying mascara! All that time.

What if I told you you could save all that precious time? Read on!

1. Want to squeeze lemons but don’t have a squeezer?


2. A pistachio you can’t open?

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3. Do you manage to mess up your mascara every single time? Use a business card to get it right!

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4. Your favorite lipstick broken in two? Don’t worry, it can still be mended.

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5. How about some minced garlic for your pasta? Real quick?


6. This is the best and easiest way to separate egg yolk.

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7. Place a glass containing some water in a microwave while re-heating a pizza to prevent it from getting too chewy.


8. There never seems to be enough space in your closet for hangers? Just use soda tabs to make the most of the space!

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9. You can’t open a can without a can opener, right? Wrong!


10. Do you always end up making the knot you are trying to open even more difficult to open? The trick is to not pull but twist.

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11. Are you one of those who keep mixing up all the different chargers? Use paper clips to sort out your life!

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12. Keep all your bobby pins in one place and easy to use by hanging a magnetic strip in your dresser.


13. You need not hurt yourself trying to open a jar using a knife. Use duct tape instead.

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14. Does all the dust settled among the keys on your keyboard drive you up the wall? Use post-its to get rid of the dust.


15. Use band aid to make nail art.

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16. Simply use the tab in the coke can to hold the straw in place.


17. Pour milk without spilling any by changing the way in which you hold the carton.

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18. To charge your phone quicker, turn airplane mode on.


19. Don’t let your cakes go stale by using bread to cover open edges.

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20. Your phone’s alarm not loud enough for you? Place the phone in a glass to magnify its volume.


Why didn’t I know all of this earlier!