Whether you hate them or love them, you know you can’t ignore them. I mean, they are everywhere – selfies seem to be ruling the world. So, make the most of its popularity wave, take that perfect selfie and get a million likes. Wondering how to do it? Well, here’s the 101:

1. Crop in tight; the less background, the better it is.

Source: Imgur

2. Unless of course, the background itself is awesome!

Source: Imgur

3. Zoom in instead of bringing your smartphone closer to avoid distorting your facial features.

Source: Viergacht | Deviant Art

4. Use direct lighting to make yourself stand out.

You can also play around with the ambient light by adding some color with new Lolliflash for ASUS Zenfone 2 .

5. Or, backlight yourself for a softer focus and to blow out the background.

Source: Hannah Boroel

6. Extend your arm and angle the phone down to highlight your cheekbones.

Source: Mothership

7. Too dark? Use the primary camera and let the flash of your smartphone light you up.

Source: Ghana Live

8. Or have your friends use their flashlight app while you snap a masterpiece.

Princess Karaoke Party in full effect!

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9. Use a 3-second timer to stabilize your hand and avoid blurry photos.

Source: PhoneArena

10. Getting hazy shots? Clean your lens from time to time with a microfiber cloth.

You can get one from here.

11. Use the “Rule of Thirds” to capture more pleasing photos. Keep your face right at the intersection of the grid lines.

Source: Techlife | Samsung

12. Have fun! Go crazy and try something different every time you pick up your smartphone.

Source: All Women’s Talk

Clicking selfies is not a fad, it’s a tradition. And for you to achieve selfie perfection, ASUS is coming out with just the perfect device that also comes with a few extras .

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