If you have ever had a long day at work, you know that it drains the energy out of you. But your day doesn’t have to end with exhaustion. You can refuel your energy with these simple hacks and end your day on a happy note.

Here’s how you can bring the fresh back before you tuck in:

1. Pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to your favourite artist / playlist.


2. Set the mood for a pleasant evening with some aroma oils and candles.

Patchouli, jasmine, sandalwood, pinewood are just a few of the aromas that relax and reenergise you.


3. Binge on your favourite movie / TV Show.


4. Have a video chat with your friend you haven’t been in touch with for a while.


5. Sip on a cup of chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea is a known relaxant. Plus, it tastes soothing!


6. Cook something exotic.

The chopping, sautéing / baking / frying, combined with the aroma of spices and the excitement of what you will create will definitely make you feel fresh!


7. Use this time to work on something creative.

Make a scrap book, paint, write a song or practice that instrument you’ve been trying to learn.


8. Give yourself a foot massage.

Place your feet on the massager, sit back and enjoy the sensation. And if you don’t have a foot massager, try using a tennis ball.


9. Invite your best buddy over and play a video game.

The playfulness and laughter, combined with the great company is sure to work wonders!


10. Go for a drive.

Once everyone has gone home after their own versions of long, tiring day, get out for a spin. Put on some music, roll down the windows and enjoy the empty roads.


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