Call it an example of our cosmopolitan, secular approach towards life; or just life in India taking its normal course, cross-cultural relationships are becoming the norm of the day. With people from every part of the country travelling and interacting at various junctures of life, this was just bound to happen, yes?

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise then, that some of us have been lucky enough to have a little bit of that cross-cultural mix up at home. Here are a few things that only those lucky kids would experience:

1. You can speak more languages than most people around you.

2. Ghar ka khana is a lot more interesting, because it reflects the diverse cuisines.

3. Visiting your relatives is an enjoyable experience because of the diverse locales and food experiences that it comes with.

4. You probably have an interesting story about how your parents met.

5. People get confused when they realise you belong to another culture.

So you’re telling me you’re both a Bong and a Mallu? Whoa!

6. And you’ve had people try to figure out which side you look more like.

7. Being brought up in a mix-up of cultures has taught you how to adapt to new surroundings.

Hey, you’re already handling two cultures. You can handle a couple more.

8. You don’t understand people who categorise on the basis of culture/region/community/religion.

South v/s North, Hindu v/s Muslim, Bihari v/s Marathi…wut?

9. Because if it weren’t for the interaction and love across cultures, you wouldn’t exist!

10. During IPL matches, you always end up rooting for two different teams.

11. You’re always a part of the inside jokes that your communities crack about each other.

12. You get to enjoy the interesting traditions of both your cultures.

13. Weddings in the family are double the fun, because each side of your family has a totally different style.

14. You’re used to cultural diversity, so culture shocks are pretty rare.

15. You have twice the number of festivals to celebrate with your family.

16. You feel lucky to have an open minded family, because it gives you the freedom and courage to explore your own world.

Do your parents belong to different cultures? Did you have an amazing childhood because of it? Share your experiences with us in the comments section!