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Jun 11, 2015 at 14:46

Banned In Pakistan, Indian Media Proudly Displays These Nude Sketches By A Karachi Artist

by Isha Jalan

Meet Hamida Khatri, a super talented artist from across the border who pours her heart out through her sketches. But not many are bold enough to publish her work back home because she sketches nude forms.

In Hamida's own words: "Being a feminist and perturbed by the patriarchal boundaries of the society, I document the unclaimed memories of domesticated women. These repudiating moments are, therefore, translated as disoriented figurative forms along with puppetry sculptures and illustrations. They tend to define not only the psychological but also the physiological construct of a subjugated woman’s entity."

Currently in India for an exhibition, Khatri grew up in a conservative family where the don'ts for her were more than the dos.  And so she decided to let her angst out through her sketches. Has Pakistan been supportive towards her art? Not really. The media in Pakistan still does not publish her work and uses her photograph instead, she was quoted as saying in an interview with the Bangalore Mirror.

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