On any given day, standing up against harassment is the best way to deter lecherous men who indulge in acts such as eve-teasing. Setting an ‘example’, this video uploaded by The Logical Indian shows a girl beating up a boy who allegedly has been harassing her continuously and has been passing abusive comments on the other students as well.

However, what’s more disturbing is the manner in which the Indian law has been laughed upon as the girl openly flouts all rules and beats the convict brutally in the presence of policemen, who are busy making a video rather than letting law take its own course.

We are all for women empowerment, but we couldn’t help but feel sorry about the state of the law in our country. Here’s the video in question:

Accused Harasser Brutally Beaten Up By A Girl In Front Of ‘Police’

Posted by The Logical Indian on Monday, 6 July 2015

This incident occurred in a police station in Uttar Pradesh. An inquiry has been set up to identify the policeman who shot the video.