Harry Potter is clearly the best thing that happened to me during my adolescence. Like many other Potterheads, I would race to the end of a newly published book and then spend the time until the publication of the next one, re-reading all of them. Everything about the books (and the movies) are etched in my memory.

Everything about the series is close to my heart (and I’m sure yours too). It is extremely difficult to pick a few quotes to sum up the journey that Harry Potter is. But still I’ve tried. Take a look?

One of the most touching moments shared by Harry and Ron

Hermione’s most often quoted line?

The time Harry stood up to Vernon Dursley for the first time because Sirius had his back

When Sirius gave invaluable advice to Harry

Peeves mocking the teachers and Filch

Remember that talk Harry and Dumbledore had at the end of the year? In every book? (The sixth one broke my heart)

Another one of those gems by Dumbledore

Remember that time when Harry snubbed Rita Skeeter?

If only Tom Riddle has listened to Dumbledore

Harry’s proud declaration of loyalty to Dumbledore was so heartwarming

Isn’t Dumbledore just the best?

Harry’s comeback to Malfoy made you grin ear-to-ear didn’t it?

He might be The Chosen One, but he shares the problems of a normal teenager

Dumbledore – what all Headmasters should be like

I was so happy that Harry had found Sirius

Raise your hand if Lupin is your favorite!

No one could say it better!

Seriously, no one!

No one can even come close to his brilliance

In just one word, Snape became the tragic hero of the series

Ron being so adorably scared

Fred and George. Enough said.

Ron making Divination interesting with his puns

Dumbledore and another of his gems

Dumbledore addressing the school after Cedric’s death brought tears to your eyes?

Dumbledore – this man always makes a point

Harry being so sassy with Snape. Remember?

Luna humming the quote on Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem (who was to know it would become so important in the last book?)

The Maruader’s Map is a person in itself. What geniuses Moony, Prongs and Padfoot were! (No, don’t remind me of Wormtail)

Would it be different if Sirius had treated Kreacher differently? How I wish!

Didn’t this just make you love Molly Weasley? I love her for getting rid of Bellatrix

Phineas is damn right. Dumbledore has got style.

Who can crack jokes after losing a ear to a Death Eater?

Harry deciding to fight with pride

Yes, it is Dumbledore.

The Mirror of Erised

Luna saying the most profound things

This is some wise advice. But glad Ginny did not follow it. One Horcrux less.

How does Dumbledore do it every single time?

Every. Single. Time.

This is my favorite though! SO profound

This interaction between Dumbledore and Harry. How can anyone forget?

So true!

And this!

And this!

Dumbledore says it like it is

The first book itself, he made a space for himself in my heart!

Ron earned a detention for this. But totally worth it!

Dumbledore has a way with words. Doesn’t he?

I always loved Hagrid. But this earned him my respect

Why did it ever have to end! *sob*

The awesome artwork was made by – Lakshya Vij and Rohit Jakhu