What does it take to get into Harvard University? Good GPA and ACT scores. And swag?

No, no swag. If you’re too ‘kewl’ for school and your application letter has too much ‘swag’, they won’t give you admission. We can’t vouch for the authenticity of this letter, but this is the response to an application letter Harvard University.

If this is the rejection letter, I wonder what the application essay was!

The rejected applicant is Molly Alice McGaan. According to sources, she is a writer for Citizen Poke, a humour-based magazine at the Francis W. Parker school in Chicago. Looks like her hilarious attempt was totally worth it.

It also turns out that she’d applied to Harvard with another application. And while this letter has been retweeted over 60,000 times and is doing major rounds on the internet, we wonder if that can help her other application pass despite the little stint here!

Sometimes an overdose of SWAG is necessary to spice things up! After all, what is life without a little fun?

Now, aren’t you tempted to try something like this with one of our IIMs?