As a child, you always wondered what it would feel like to be an adult. You just wanted to grow up quickly and start earning money. And then, it happened. You grew up and reality struck you hard.

After all, being an adult is not as easy as it seems. It takes quite an effort. You are expected to be mature and composed all the time and you are supposed to do and say the right things always. Being an adult is a task in itself and a lot of us have issues embracing it.

Here are 15 reasons why being an adult is not your thing:

1. No more summer vacations. Come to think of it, not too many other holidays either.

2. You can’t chill with friends whenever you feel like. “Masti kartey rahenge toh kaam kab hoga?”

3. Earlier, weekends were all about sleeping or watching TV but now weekends are more hectic than ever. Meet friends, spend time with family, finish personal stuff and what not.

4. Everyone expects you to behave according to social norms. “Warna log kya bolenge?”

5. You start to worry about your future and other things you never gave a damn about.

6. Suddenly you find yourself overloaded with responsibilities. You take care of your home & family members and have office work as well.

7. Being formal. You can’t be yourself all the times, you have to act formal and mature at least most of the time.

8. You still have not got a hang of paperwork. But you have to do it anyway.

9. An unfriendly thing becomes a companion: HORMONES. You never have a reason for your mood swings, but they keep recurring.

10. You can’t live in the present and enjoy it because you have to think about your future.

11. Watching your weight and health become a routine. You miss the times when you ate whatever you felt like without feeling guilty.

12. No more walking around with the ‘just out of bed’ look. Now you have to care about how you look every morning before going to office.

13. You have lost touch with a lot of friends because of your busy schedule.

14. Sleep was the sweetest thing in your life. Now you are sleep deprived most of the time.

15. Last but not least, you face weird questions like, “Shaadi kab karoge?” or worse “Bachon ka kuch socha? Family bhi toh badani hai.”

Look at the irony! As kids, all we wanted was to grow up and now, all we want is to go back to being kids again.