Silence is indeed golden for some people. They just like to stay quiet. Even when they are faced with the biggest of problems, not saying or doing anything is their preferred option because they absolutely hate confrontations.

When it comes to taking to a person or a problem, they would rather lock themselves up and pray that the situation gets better .

If you are such a person, then you will definitely relate to these 20 points:

1. The 3 words that scare the shit out of you: “We should talk”

2. Every time someone tries to confront you, this is what comes to mind: “I don’t wanna do this!”

3. Whenever someone abuses you on social media platforms, you promptly delete the comment

4. You decide to confront someone but as soon as the moment arrives, you start having second thoughts

5. And you end up ‘not talking’ about it

6. After a fight with a friend, instead of trying to fix things, you ignore him/her

7. Because for you, ignorance is bliss

8. Your parents talk to you about your career and all you want to do is ‘escape’

9. You can’t talk to your partner about emotional stuff. It freaks you out.

10. You can talk to your crush on Facebook or over texts. But when it comes to a face-to-face conversation, you freeze

11. You know your friend or boyfriend is lying but you choose to agree. Talking about it is so embarrassing. “I can’t do it.”

12. You are unable to react at critical moments

13. This is you when you have to cancel a plan with friends

14. If the delivery boy brings you cold food, you quietly take it instead of calling his boss or the restaurant

15. You feel an ‘adrenaline rush’ whenever you have to confront someone

16. You are always at a loss for words and feel like burying your face in a pillow

17. Locking yourself up is always your preferred option

18. Because of this habit, you just wish things work out ‘magically’ on their own

19. You hate confrontations so much that you always end up saying, “I don’t care, let them do whatever they feel like.”

20. Last but not the least, standing up for yourself is a challenge

How is everyone able to speak their mind so clearly? It isn’t easy for me!