Mumbai is a very annoying place. Crowded beyond belief, everyone is in a hurry and everything is in a mess. The houses are too small and the rent is too much, and as for property, don’t even think about it! Why would anyone want to stay here?

Here are 35 compelling reasons as to why Mumbai is one place you never really want to visit or live in:

1. There are too many people everywhere.

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2. Seriously, the roads are never empty.

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3. The Mumbai local is always so crowded.

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4. And there is no other mode of public transport.

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5. I mean how the hell do you get around the city?

6. And if you feel like driving, think again. The roads suck.

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7. People are always in a rush.

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8. Always!

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9. Not even a single spot to just sit, relax and enjoy the view.

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10. The beaches are just dirty. Too much sand, sea and sunset to deal with.

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11. Plus the houses are too small. Why would you want to stay here?

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12. There are no parks here. No greenery at all!

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13. There are only skyscrapers. Ugly, tall, concrete structures.

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14. And the architecture in general is terrible.

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15. There is no sense of patriotism here.

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16. Like none at all.

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17. The city doesn’t believe in festive celebrations.

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18. If only people were more proud of the culture.

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19. The inevitable fish smell. Who likes seafood, right?

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20. There is literally nothing good to eat in Mumbai.

21. It’s a city without role models. No one to look up to.

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22. And everyone is a showoff.

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23. Religious spots are literally non-existent.

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24. Completely zero.

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25. Everyone is lost in their own world. Nobody gives a damn about society.

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26. The crowd just doesn’t speak up.

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27. No events to support social causes.

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28. The night life is just so sad.

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29. No concerts, no events. What will the youngsters do?

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30. There is no history or heritage here.

31. Like seriously!

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31. There are no scenic places to visit nearby.

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32. Where can you possibly go on a long weekend?

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33. The rain just makes the entire city so messy and gloomy.

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34. And who likes the sea?

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35. Honestly, why would ever you want to live in such a city?

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There is a reason why Mumbai is called The City of Dreams. It is the little imperfections that make Mumbai so perfect and one of the best cities not only in India but also in the world.