Wanderlust is basically an extremely strong desire to travel to new places. It is the glorious disease you start suffering from when you get bitten by the travel bug. And boy, this is one disease that you’d be grateful to contract. Here are a few signs that you are a patient;

1. You know that you’re suffering from wanderlust, when you’re the only person in your friend circle who is actually aware of what it means.

2. You know that you’re addicted to travelling when being a ‘traveller’ is what you want to do for a living. What can be better than travelling to your heart’s content and getting paid for it?

3. You are aware of the fine line that separates a traveller from a tourist.  You’d be a traveller any day.

4. The first thing that you scribbled on your bucket list is; ‘Travel the World’.

5. You’re addicted to travel shows on “Fox Life,” “Nat Geo,” or “TLC.”

6. You’re already inspired by the many quotes floating around on the internet that talk about travelling as the ultimate goal of life.


7. You’re always day-dreaming about the cities you want to visit around the world and what you’ll do once you’re there.

8. Most people are just waiting to fall in love with other people. You’re looking forward to falling in love with the places you travel to.

9. For your friends, a perfect Sunday is a day spent at home doing absolutely nothing. For you, a perfect Sunday is a really long drive on a scenic highway.

10. More than birthdays and parties, you enjoy going to new places and discovering unknown places around your city.

11. That awkward moment when people talk about how they want to work in a ‘stable’ environment.

12. You love tasting new delicacies whenever you travel to new places. After all, what’s the point of going to France and not tasting Escargot (Cooked Land Snails)?

13. Your hard disk is filled with photographs of places that you’ve been to.

14. For you, travelling is not just about ‘visiting’ a place. It’s about the journey. It’s about the people you meet along the way. The adventures you have. You love travelling because whenever you take a trip, you come to this realisation:

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