Relationships are complicated. One moment you are in love and the next, you are struggling to hold it together. Having found your special someone is the best feeling in the world, but how does one know if he really is the one for you?

You often end up ignoring the negatives in your partner just because you are so attached to him. However, sometimes it is best to sit back and assess your relationship. Knowing where the two of you are headed and that you are not the only one in this relationship is as important as it is necessary. Here are some signs that he might not be the one for you:

1. You feel there is no emotional connection between the two of you.

2. He hardly ever treats you as a priority.

He makes it clear that there are other things more important in his life.

3. You feel he no longer makes the same amount of effort that he used to make when he was trying to woo you.

Now that you’re dating him, he doesn’t go out of his way for you anymore.

4. He is in no way helping you grow as a person.

In fact, at times you feel like he’s pulling you down.

5. Everything he talks about revolves around him.

It’s always about him.

6. You don’t remember the last time you guys had a long, meaningful conversation.

7. He takes important decisions of his life without consulting you.

8. Sometimes, you feel like you don’t even know him as a person.

9. He never notices the effort that you take to dress up for him.

10. You are always the one following up on your date plans.

11. You hardly know his friends circle.

He doesn’t like you hanging out with them and this has led to many fights.

12. You are always conscious around him and are afraid of being judged for who you are or what you do.

13. He does not care about your special days at all.

Not remembering your birthday is one thing, but not giving a damn about it is another.

14. Fighting has become a daily routine now.

The day starts with a fight and almost always ends with one too.

15. Your friends are not very fond of him and think you’re trying too hard to work it out.

Your friends know you best. Deep down you know that what they’re saying is for your own good.

16. He always freaks out when you ask him to meet your family.

And in the back of your head, you’re not really sure if introducing him to your folks is a good idea.

17. When you look at other happy couples around, you know you are far from being one.

18. You often find yourself wondering if this is going to work out.

19. Because if he doesn’t want to make it official now, how do you know that he ever will?

20. You have stopped talking about your future together because you know there isn’t any.

If a majority of the points were true for you, you know exactly what to do. Sure, it’s hard to let go, but you know that this is best for both of you.