Most guys aren’t very open about their emotions, so it’s usually kind of hard to tell if a guy actually likes you or just wants something casual. There are certain signs though that give away the fact that a guy is really into you, ranging from how well he remembers things about you to the way he behaves around you.

Check out some signs that say he totally digs you!

1. He keeps giving you funny nicknames

Even though he rarely does that to anybody else he does that with you. Also, he is terrified his friends will find out.

2. He constantly texts you

Because a smiley from you in the morning makes everything better, and he doesn’t even like texting!

3. He keeps saying you guys should ‘hang out’

Saying “let’s go on a date” is straight up terrifying, so this is the next best thing.

4. He looks and smells better around you

He might usually look like the guy from Jumanji, but around you the beard is suddenly groomed and the hair is combed.

5. He constantly makes eye contact with you

And it lingers for a pretty long while.

6. He gets you tiny surprises

Not expensive gifts, but meaningful gestures like getting you your favorite sandwich, or offering to drive you home.

7. All his friends seem to know about you

Which means he’s probably told them he likes you.

8. He likes physical contact

Even if it’s just a brush of the arm or a stroke of the cheek.

9. He always seems to have a smile around you

Which means you make him happier than most people, and that’s mostly what life is about.

10. He remembers little things about you

From your favourite food to who your favourite character from TV is

11. He’s constantly trying to make you laugh

He knows that most people find humour attractive, so he makes that extra effort.

12. He’s a little possessive of you

Not like a crazy jealous dude, but just enough to matter.

13. He cancels his plans for you

Even if it’s something kind of important, he’ll still brush it off as if it’s nothing.

14. He has eyes only for you in a crowded room

You might be at a party with a hundred people, but you guys can just block everything out effortlessly.

15. He likes to have fun with you

He tries to keep things fun, doing crazy things like racing in a mall or stealing a traffic cone for you.

Have you noticed any of these signs?