Work. Earn. Splurge. Repeat. That pretty much sums up our lives. We strive to make it big, so we can own better things, enjoy better experiences and live a better lifestyle. Often, in this pandemonium called life, the hunger and greed for ‘growth’ consumes us, and the focus shifts from ‘we’ to ‘I’. We’re so busy in our own bubble, that we often overlook the needs of others.

Stop. It doesn’t need to be this way. Here are some amazing ways in which you could brighten anybody’s day. Maybe it’ll make your day a little better too. What goes around, comes around.

Take a Moment to Thank People

Be grateful to everyone who contributes to your life. Start with your parents, siblings, cousins, friends and acquaintances … even your pets. Don’t just stop there, go on to thanking strangers; it may not be as apparent, but everyone around helps us make our journey smooth by playing the role they play in our lives, even if it’s a momentary one. The watchman, the rickshawala, and even the support staff in office, thank them. It’s a beautiful feeling to see faces light up to a simple ‘thank you’.


Smile And Greet Everyone

No, not everyone. Gauge whether or not a person will think you’re a psychopath, and accordingly choose to greet them. That said, a warm smile can easily rub off on people; even if they don’t smile back, know that you have touched them in some way. Maybe that passerby was having a rough day; your smile could’ve possibly lightened them up, even if the slightest bit.


Cheer Someone Up

If you spot a person bogged down by worry, walk up to them and strike a conversation. A pep talk may help, if that seems appropriate for the moment. Who knows, you might just be the friend they needed. In the process, part of the ‘happy vibes’ will rub off on you as well.


Lend Them A Ear

Sometimes, people don’t need you to advise them or sympathize with them. All they need is a person they can open up to, and sometimes, it’s much easier to pour your heart out in front of a complete stranger, than someone you know well. Be that stranger. You’ll see how you would’ve helped someone.


Offer Help To People At Random

Chances are, most people may seem hesitant. Still, offer to help them with change at the cashier, or hail a taxi for those finding it difficult, or feed the birds and pet the strays. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?


Compliment People

Of course, if you randomly point out and shout, ‘hey girl, nice shoes!’, chances are, you’ll leave the poor girl momentarily flustered. But, tastefully done, something as basic as a random compliment can make anyone’s day.


Give Free Hugs

There’s nothing as comforting and emotionally fulfilling as a nice, warm hug from a happy giver. You might, though, want to be a little careful with who you may hug. You don’t want to be freaking people out, or worse still, be freaked out by someone yourself.


Leave Notes

Leave a note behind thanking the waiter who served you. Tuck a note with an inspiring or a happy quote for the next passenger who occupies the seat you just left. Leave an anonymous note for the manager or the cashier, complimenting them for their hard work. You’ll surely make their day.