India. The country with a ‘rape problem’. Not to mention the corruption problem and the over-population problem. Selfishness and hypocrisy is all you find here, right?

Wrong. There is much more to India than meets the eyes. Sure, it has flaws, but which country doesn’t? These pictures clicked across India will show you why our country is not that bad after all. There is still hope!

1. Whenever any tragedy has struck the country, the valiant Indian Army has always spearheaded rescue operations and proved that as long as they’re around, we can feel safe.

Here, the army is rescuing people from the Uttarakhand floods in June 2013.

2. Remember Prince, the 4-year-old who fell into a pothole? So picture this – one kid, a 60-feet deep pit, hundreds of army officials and thousands of people biting their nails, waiting for the poor kid to be rescued.

An entire nation came together to witness the rescue operation. The army proved yet again that they will be there for us, whenever we need them.


3. Similarly, when 3-year-old Guna fell into a 450-feet deep borewell while playing, locals along with fire and rescue personnel didn’t take long to get inside despite the danger to save the little kid. Such an inspiration!

4. A crowd of 50 people tilted a bus like it’s no biggie to rescue two students in Pune, truly showing the power of the common man.


5. Look at that heartwarming smile on this 10-year-old terminally ill kid’s face. It was his wish to become a police officer so the Hyderabad police commissioner and Make A Wish foundation helped his wish come true for a day.


6. A group of people helped this girl, a sex worker’s daughter, to go to the US by crowdfunding her course of playing drums. A dream come true!

Source: NDTV

7. During the massive floods in Cuttack in 2011, this man chose to carry stray kittens in a basket on his head. Faith in humanity restored!


8. While incidents about violence between Hindus and Muslims continue to be reported, this sight of a man dressed as Hanuman blessing a Muslim man is heartwarming!

9. And so is this picture of a Muslim mother walking with her kids dressed as Hindu deities Krishna and Radha. Did somebody say communalism?


10. Courageous Zanjeer did what most of us wouldn’t even dare to. He saved thousands of lives during the serial blasts in 1993 in Mumbai by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX. He was buried with full honours in 2000.


11. When this helpless dog fell into hot tar and couldn’t move, a bunch of youngsters rushed and saved his life.

How many of us would even stop to save a human’s life, leave alone an animals?


12. A brave policeman adjusts his prosthetic leg because duty is duty! What a badass!

Here’s a man who has dedicated his life to protect and serve us despite the severe limitation he has. We salute you, sir!

13. This site of a schoolgirl sharing water with a couple shows that you don’t need money to be generous. All you need is a big heart!

14. The sign board reads that this man would polish shoes free of cost on the 101st birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Such a moving gesture!


15. Would you give up a lottery ticket that won Rs 1 crore just because it was the right thing to do? This ticket seller did just that!

One of his customers asked him to keep ten tickets aside for him, one out of which won the lottery. Even though the customer had no idea about the numbers of his lottery tickets, Sudhakaran handed it to him when he could easily have taken the lottery for himself


16. This is Uttar Pradesh IAS officer Ajay Shankar Pandey’s room. The board reads: “I clean my room myself. Please don’t dirty it unnecessarily and increase my workload.”

If only our politicians and bureaucrats followed suit.

17. This store is the world’s first rent-free, premise-free pop-up apparel store for the homeless, where everything they pick is free! Yes, absolutely free.

The Street Store is located at the entrance of Hotel Marrion, Bhubaneswar, and homeless people walk away with new clothes and wide smiles everyday.

Source: BBSRBuzz

18. Seems like giving up their life for humans comes naturally to these beautiful animals. This mother of ten gave up her life to save the lives of many people.

When a broken high voltage wire fell in a pool of collected rainwater inside the Gandhinagar Railway premises in Gujarat, the frantic dog kept barking to alert people but they shooed it away. When no one paid heed, the dog dashed ahead, jumped in the water, and gave up its life. The dog left behind a litter of 10 pups.

Source: TimesofIndia

19. With cases of dowry being reported every now and then, this dowry-free town in Kerala is a shining example for the country.

Source: redfmindia

20. This sight of a young girl covering a stray dog during Mumbai monsoons is so satisfying!

Life in India is not all about crime and corruption. Look beyond and be the change you want to see!